Friday, December 30, 2011

sock bun!

i've been meaning to try a sock bun for a while now.  what is a sock bun, you may ask?  just what it sounds like - a bun made with the help (and bulk) of a sock.  i have plenty of hair, but it's rather fine.  so even though it's finally getting fairly long, it still makes a pretty small bun.

many pictures and tutorials exist out there on the internet-machine, but i used the one that popped up first last night, found here.

the girl in the video seems to do the sock bun for the sake of the bun itself.  my goal was the curls that result the following day, so i did my sock bun with damp hair.

so chop the toes of a clean (likely mismatched) sock i did!  we were only headed out to a divey place, so i only attempted the sock bun once and just went with that.

i slept in the bun overnight as it finished drying, and here are the curls i was sporting when i freed my hair this morning from the bun.

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