Monday, December 19, 2011

doctored-up salsa

as much as i appreciate a meal painstakingly created, some things are just quick and delicous.  chips and salsa is likely the most frequent snack in my household.  though i'm content ripping open a bag of tortilla chips and opening a jar of salsa, this takes it a small step further.  oh-so delicious, but something even the least kitchen-inclined could handle.

open a jar of tostitos salsa (i like the medium heat) and dump some into a bowl.

spoon in a healthy dallop of top the tater

add a little bit of the chili garlic sauce (careful - this stuff can get spicy!).

chop a but of cilantro and toss 'er in and stir it all together

that's it.  eat.  enjoy.  make more.

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