Monday, September 26, 2011


when i polish my nails at home, i'll usually start to notice my nails chipping the very same day.  when i get a regular manicure done, it might buy me an extra day or two.  i love the way my nails look with a gel manicure. the polish stays shiny for weeks and does not chip.  how great is that!?  i do not, however, love paying $40 for a manicure.  i decided to pony up and purchase the stuff i need to do a gel manicure at home.  the biggest thing for this is the UV light, but i found a good deal on

i decided to go with the CND Shellac products.  the manicure is supposed to last two full weeks. with the rate my nails grow, i don't need anything that lasts longer and i like the idea that it removes easily and doesn't damage my nails.

i've used the system at home a few times now and i'm really happy with it!  it's dry - like for real dry -right away. i did laundry within two minutes of finishing my manicure yesterday!  it stays on and doesn't chip, and the finish stays shiny.  how great is that!  i was a little nervous about it actually works really well!  i need to learn to clean up my own cuticles a little better and polish a little more neatly around them, but i'll take that challenge. 

previous manicure (color: fedora)

soaking off with cotton balls soaked in pure acetone, held on with foil

polish all removed (actually easy!) with no damage to nails

newly trimmed and polished (color: negligee)

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