Friday, September 23, 2011


against all odds, i'm still at it!  i did my fourth run the other evening.  and get this - i accidentally skipped a week of the training! 

i got a treadmill, so it was the first time running indoors.  instead of having my phone with the C25K app right in my hand, it was on an ipod dock across the room, so i couldn't see the timer for each run.  i felt like the first three-minute segment was long, but i thought that it was maybe because the environment was so different.  at the end of the runs, i even added an extra two-minute run and felt pretty good.  so i think i'm just gonna skip the missed week and keep at it with week 3.

i was able to get a great sports bra on sale at macy's too, so that help the run be a lot more comfortable.

anyway, i hope the treadmill will keep me going through the winter.  if you know me at all, you know i hate cold weather... no WAY i'm gonna run in it!  so here's my craig's list find that's gonna keep me active through the 9 months of inclement MN weather that's approaching all too quickly.  well, ok, this isn't the actual one we purchased, but we got the same kind (ours is just in a little better condition).

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