Sunday, September 25, 2011


i remember when using recipes from the internet was a novel idea.  i had good friends who dubbed their first attempt at a recipe they found online as "internet chili."  yup.  chili.  found on the internet.  clever, right?!  it's no longer a new thing at all to get recipes from the internet; in fact, there are more out there than i would ever be able to even think about trying.   well i really like trying new recipes, so i'll pace myself and try one from time to time.

the recipe du jour is baked creamy chicken taquitos and cilantro lime rice.

it was quick, easy, delicious, and - i think - reheatable.  i guess we'll find out at lunchtime tomorrow!

for now, i'm not imaginative enough on my own to come up with my own recipes.  well, sometimes i am.  although i think they are often delicious, my husband thinks that i just come up with the strangest dishes and concoctions.  so when i'm making dinner for him, i usually stick to recipes i find.  and i like finding and trying new recipes, so that works for me!

pictures of food don't really turn out the best when taken late in the evening and with an iphone (the old one without the flash), but this is what i did, so it's what you get.

the end.

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  1. i should mention...
    i didn't have pepperjack cheese, so i used a mexican cheese blend, cayenne pepper, sriracha sauce and red pepper flakes. it added just a little bit of a kick.