Monday, September 26, 2011


when i polish my nails at home, i'll usually start to notice my nails chipping the very same day.  when i get a regular manicure done, it might buy me an extra day or two.  i love the way my nails look with a gel manicure. the polish stays shiny for weeks and does not chip.  how great is that!?  i do not, however, love paying $40 for a manicure.  i decided to pony up and purchase the stuff i need to do a gel manicure at home.  the biggest thing for this is the UV light, but i found a good deal on

i decided to go with the CND Shellac products.  the manicure is supposed to last two full weeks. with the rate my nails grow, i don't need anything that lasts longer and i like the idea that it removes easily and doesn't damage my nails.

i've used the system at home a few times now and i'm really happy with it!  it's dry - like for real dry -right away. i did laundry within two minutes of finishing my manicure yesterday!  it stays on and doesn't chip, and the finish stays shiny.  how great is that!  i was a little nervous about it actually works really well!  i need to learn to clean up my own cuticles a little better and polish a little more neatly around them, but i'll take that challenge. 

previous manicure (color: fedora)

soaking off with cotton balls soaked in pure acetone, held on with foil

polish all removed (actually easy!) with no damage to nails

newly trimmed and polished (color: negligee)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


i remember when using recipes from the internet was a novel idea.  i had good friends who dubbed their first attempt at a recipe they found online as "internet chili."  yup.  chili.  found on the internet.  clever, right?!  it's no longer a new thing at all to get recipes from the internet; in fact, there are more out there than i would ever be able to even think about trying.   well i really like trying new recipes, so i'll pace myself and try one from time to time.

the recipe du jour is baked creamy chicken taquitos and cilantro lime rice.

it was quick, easy, delicious, and - i think - reheatable.  i guess we'll find out at lunchtime tomorrow!

for now, i'm not imaginative enough on my own to come up with my own recipes.  well, sometimes i am.  although i think they are often delicious, my husband thinks that i just come up with the strangest dishes and concoctions.  so when i'm making dinner for him, i usually stick to recipes i find.  and i like finding and trying new recipes, so that works for me!

pictures of food don't really turn out the best when taken late in the evening and with an iphone (the old one without the flash), but this is what i did, so it's what you get.

the end.

Friday, September 23, 2011

flamingo legs

my legs are messed up.  backwards.

ok, so maybe my knees don't bend backwards like a flamingo, but they're backwards nonetheless.

the problem lies in my calves.  or lack thereof.

the work that should be done with my calves (duh - on the backs of my legs) is somehow done with whatever-those-muscles-are-called on the fronts of my legs.

i need to figure out how to walk and run by using the proper parts of my legs.  wonder how i can do that...


against all odds, i'm still at it!  i did my fourth run the other evening.  and get this - i accidentally skipped a week of the training! 

i got a treadmill, so it was the first time running indoors.  instead of having my phone with the C25K app right in my hand, it was on an ipod dock across the room, so i couldn't see the timer for each run.  i felt like the first three-minute segment was long, but i thought that it was maybe because the environment was so different.  at the end of the runs, i even added an extra two-minute run and felt pretty good.  so i think i'm just gonna skip the missed week and keep at it with week 3.

i was able to get a great sports bra on sale at macy's too, so that help the run be a lot more comfortable.

anyway, i hope the treadmill will keep me going through the winter.  if you know me at all, you know i hate cold weather... no WAY i'm gonna run in it!  so here's my craig's list find that's gonna keep me active through the 9 months of inclement MN weather that's approaching all too quickly.  well, ok, this isn't the actual one we purchased, but we got the same kind (ours is just in a little better condition).

Sunday, September 11, 2011

one down, lots to go

so it was a bit delayed, but i finally started!  i finished week 1, day 1 of the couch to 5k program.  i know the program starts out slowly, but i honestly doubted if i'd be able to make it through the first day.  well, ladies and gentlemen, put those fears aside because i was able to finish the workout.  woo hoo!

now, i'm not a runner.  i don't think it's as bad as phoebe from friends, but i definitely didn't  want a lot of people to be able to see me on my first outing.  so i ran the trails in the cemetery across the street from my house and i only saw about 3 other people there.   that's not too bad.  and in a cemetery, it's a pretty safe bet that no one will laugh at me...

well, these things i know for sure. 1) i ran and i didn't die.  2) i'm gonna be really sore tomorrow. 3) once i'm over #2, i'll move on to day two of the program.  4) i need a better sports bra.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

found it!

i found the picture from pinterest that inspired me to get in shape (see previous post)...
i know this is unattainable for me (um, have you SEEN my chicken legs!?) but hey, i'll do what i can!


i've been thinking for quite some time about starting to work out again. 

i found my inspiration in a perhaps unlikely place, on pinterest.  it turns out i didn't repin the photo or even "like" it, but  i saw a photo of a woman a little older than i am who had toned arms and legs - but what stood out to me were her washboard abs.  i've always been scrawny, so i'll never be tough looking, but i would like to be in shape, strong and fit.  and i would like to have washboard abs.

though six-pack abs won't come from running, this somehow motivated me to start running.  those who know me well are either laughing or are just plain confused about that comment.  me.  running.  yup.  i'm thinking about doing the couch to 5k program.  it starts out with running for 90 second intervals with walking in between.  90 seconds.  i can do that... right?

i'd planned to start last night, so in actuality, i've failed already.  but we won't call it failing - postponed sounds so much better.  it's a 9 (or is it 8?) week program and i live in MN, so i guess i'd best get started soon. today's september already; we all know how quickly the s-word can be upon us, and i don't do well with cold...

so there.  i've said it.  may it be so.

i'd say i'm new to this...

... but that would be a lie.
i don't like to lie.

i'll be honest with you and tell you i had a blog once.  i think i was bad at it, but i was keeping that blog during less inspired days.  so here we are again, take 2.